Please feel free to use the forum for discussion or to ask questions relating to the gamephilosophy initiative.


8 Responses to Forum

  1. Hi — is this really a network? Is there a way to get added to the mailing list?

  2. hello Joanna

    Thank you for your interest! Yes, this is really a network of a sort 🙂 However, it is so far based on personal relations between various individuals and institutions that have been involved in the conferences and other seminars over the years. We have talked about formalization, which is planned to be done on the next conference. There is absolutely no funding for administration etc so we have have to work on this when the key people have time to spare. There is usually most activity when a conference is approaching, and you can meet all of us there if you attend. I think we will get around to opening a “member” section of this website by Christmas.



    • Joanna Bryson says:

      Hi, yes, the main thing I’d like is to know about your conferences! I saw the special issue listed on AISB, so hopefully the next conference will get posted there too.

  3. Liam Miller says:

    I’m seeking information about the next conference. Specifically when and where it is. Thanks.


    • Dear Liam

      We haven’t really started to work on the next conference yet. This is the first year that we didn’t immediately receive an invitation from new hosts, so we are trying to get funding. We waiting for the outcome of an application to organize it in Oslo yet again around August next year, with the theme “Gamespace and Gametime”. If the application is rejected we will start to look more actively for new hosts in in December.


  4. Hi,
    I wanted to alert your readers to a discussion and essay by Jane McGonigal, “How Might Video Games be Good for Us?” at Big Questions Online.

    She takes on a lot of philosophical questions about video games, from whether they have real value and meaning, to whether game creators have an obligation to think of the affects of their games. She’s participating in the comments through Monday, Oct. 15, 2012. I hope you might consider this for your blog and I hope your readers might join the discussion.
    Big Questions Online Editor

  5. Thanks very much! I actually have to correct my own post. She will be participating in comments through Monday, Oct. 22. I hope that will give more people an opportunity to join the discussion with her.

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