Deadline for submissions extended

After a discussion in the program committee, we have found that 4 weeks for the review process should be sufficient. We have therefore extended the deadline for submission of abstracts to October 15, 2011.

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6 Responses to Deadline for submissions extended

  1. Daniel Binkholder says:

    Is the deadline closed on abstracts at this point? I would imagine it would be, but I would assume it would depend on the amount of submissions accumulated. What is the status?

    • I’m afraid that deadline has passed a long time ago. We received around 70 abstracts and have selected 20 peer reviewed speakers. We are waiting for confirmation for the last keynote at this point. The program should be ready very soon.

      • Daniel Binkholder says:

        I assumed as much. I have to admit that I just stumbled upon “Halo and Philosophy” and was impressed with the quality of the work and that these types of books were being written (though I am hardly surprised). Some research led me to this site. I am especially excited about “Breaking Bad and Philosophy.” I just wanted to verify. I am pleased to see the involvement by writers on these topics, regardless. I have done cultural studies and pieces like this in graduate school, and I was just hoping to get involved. Thank you for the response!

  2. Daniel says:

    I am trying to find a copy of “Dissonance and Dystopia: Fallout 3 and Philosophy Amidst the Ashes” but the closest I can get is a two-page preview on Mendeley. Is the full paper available anywhere?

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